Activities - Sightseeing

Swimming - Antiparos has the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades - well-managed or small, quiet, isolated, golden sandy beaches.
Fishing with fishing gun
Sea kayaking
Scuba diving - Lessons and experiences in Antiparos , walking or cycling - explore the mountains and the whole of Antiparos
Wind surfing and kite surfing at Punta, on Paros, opposite Antiparos
Activities organized directly from Dolphin in St. Georgio
Guided by Dolphin walking tours in Antiparos - to Monastiria, Faneromeni, Despotiko, Stalagmite cave, Diplo islands
Fishing boat trips
Agricultural activities: bee-keeping, cheese-making, making wine and spirits - tsipouro is the local liqueur
Despotiko island and the archaeological site
Stalagmite and stalactite cave
Castle (Kastro) of Antiparos
Folklore museum
Small churches built by the sea - and also on top of a mountain, offering an amazing panoramic view
Faneromeni Chapel - and magnificent scenery.
Local festivals
St. Marina Festival - 17th July
St. John festival - 8th May
St. John Festival - 24th June
Faneromeni Festival 8th September
Tsipouro (local liqueur-making) Festival at the begining of October.
Activities on Paros island - opposite Antiparos
  • Panagia Ekatondapiliani - literally "church of one hundred doors" - the Christian cathedral church at Parikia, Paros. Festival on 15th August
  • The festival of Nine Days of the Virgin Mary - also known as "The night of the pirates" in Naoussa - with reenactments of pirate raids, dancing and fireworks - 23rd August
  • Visit the butterfly valley - by donkey or on foot!
  • Stroll through the Byzantine streets of Lefkes town - the former capital of Paros

  • From St.Georgio village you can enjoy with SARGOS boat a trip to the virgin beaches of Despotiko island and the sea caves.
  • From Antiparos port you can enjoy a trip around island by Thiella boat, with ouzo, bbq and dance.
  • From Antiparos you can visit daily, the islands of Paros, Naxos, Dilos, Mykonos, Koufonisi, Santorini.
  • Rent a boat to descover the island.-Rent a boat -Sail Away. 0030 6948466648

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