About COVID-19 and any infectious disease related to coronavirus

About COVID-19 and any infectious disease related to coronavirus, our priority is the health and safety of our guests & employees, therefore we continue to follow all the latest advice and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) & local authorities. In accordance to the essential preparatory and prevention measures, our hotel has increased cleaning & sanitizing practices.

Our guests service is our primary goal. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for more info or help to make your trip and your accommodation comfortable and safe.

Regarding the organization of the Municipality of Antiparos:
2 specialized doctors.
Device for covid -19 test, gives results in 45 minutes.
Specially equipped rooms for the virus.

About disinfecting our properties:
Rooms will be quarantined 24 hours between two bookings.
Rooms will be disinfected by spraying with anti-viral liquid.
Rooms are cleaned with steam cleaner and anti-viral products approved by the state health organization .
Sterilized linen are provided.
Disinfection with steam cleaner in all shared areas friquently.
Staffs are equipped in accordance to the instructions of the state health organization.
Antibacterial gels are provided both, in the rooms and in the shared areas.
Breakfast is served outdoor on terraces according all protection measures.
Disinfectant mats in hotel entrances and near the pool.

The apartments are delivered clean and disinfected.
Rooms are cleaned, free of charge ,if you wish and after aggrement.
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